About the Track

Hellyer County Park Velodrome

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  • Located in Hellyer Park in South San Jose.
  • Velodrome is 335 meters with 25 degree banking
  • Helmets must be worn whenever riding on the velodrome
  • Parking Fee at the Velodrome is $6.00
  • Bring your own food, drink and shade! There are no concessions at the park
  • No Mountain bikes
  • Fixies allowed in 200 meter race only.

Directions to the Track

The track is located just off of Highway 101 at the Hellyer Ave. exit.

From the North: From the 680/280/101 interchange take 101 south for 5 miles to the Hellyer Ave exit. At the bottom of the off-ramp turn right. At the stop sign go straight into Hellyer Park and follow the signs to the velodrome.

From the South: From Highway 101 take the Hellyer Ave exit. At the top of the off-ramp turn left and follow road. At the stop sign go right. At the second stop sign go straight into Hellyer Park. Follow the signs to the velodrome.

There are no concessions at the park. Plan to bring your own food and shade.

Track Rules:

Helmets must be worn while riding.

You must be signed up and have your number (or “T” for track try-out) before you can warm-up on the track.

Recumbents and upright road bikes can race in any race; Upright track bikes (with no brakes) can be ridden in the 200 meter event only. NO MOUNTAIN BIKES will be allowed on the track.

Our track mantra is “if slow, keep low”; i.e., slower bikes keep to the lower side of the track. Faster bikes can only pass on the RIGHT (above) the slower bikes. This is a safety issue because passing a slower bike on the inside forces that bike up the track into the path of faster bikes. Repeat violations will cause you to be flagged off the track immediately.


Hellyer County Park Velodrome strives to promote the sport of track cycling by offering diversified racing programs, developing athletes, providing healthy fitness programs for the community and bringing world-class track racing to the Northern California area. As the only velodrome in Northern California, we have a unique opportunity to attract championship cycling events and international racers, build a compelling race series and groom tomorrow’s Olympians.

 Hellyer is located in Hellyer County Park and is administered by the NCVA (Northern California Velodrome Association). The velodrome may only be used during a session attended by a designated NCVA track supervisor. Supervisors unlock the facility as needed at the start of a session, collect day use fees, enforce existing NCVA and Santa Clara County Parks use rules and manage guests for safe and effective training, and lock the facility at the end of their sessions.

About NCVA:

The Northern California Velodrome Association is the administrative body for the public use of the Hellyer Park Velodrome and as such, exists to provide cycling opportunities on the Hellyer Park Velodrome for the cycling community.

The responsibilities of the NCVA include:

1. Act as the liaison between users and Santa Clara County, the owner of the Hellyer Park Velodrome.

2. Oversee scheduling of all events and programs at the Hellyer Park Velodrome.

3. Develop and enforce guidelines for the use of the Hellyer Park Velodrome. Those guidelines will follow and expand on the rules of the American Track Racing Association.

4. Ensure that a framework of programs exist that enable velodrome racing to thrive in northern California. This may include acting as an event or race promoter.

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