2018 HPV Fun Day

Saturday, May 5, 2018


Where: San Jose Velodrome at Hellyer Park.  Map

When: Registration starts at 10:30 a.m. and ends at 11:30 a.m., earlier than usual.  Racing begins around noon and ends around 4 pm.

New This Year!    We will have a no-host get together late Saturday afternoon/evening with food and drinks available for purchase.   Watch this space for notification of when and where.

The HPV Fun Day at Hellyer Park Velodrome has been held annually for over 20 years!  The racing can be fast, but the emphasis is on fun!  Newcomers are encouraged to join us and start with 2 low stress events, the timed 200 meters and the Newcomers Race.


  • 200 meters (all categories) – one run per person/bike combination.
  • Juniors Race(under age 16) – 3 laps.
  • Newcomers Race – 4 laps – Open to people who haven’t entered a Fun Day race before.
  • Miss and Out Race- Two heats based on 200 meter times.
  • Other fun races we (or you) come up with
  • 1/2 hour Race (all categories) 

If you want to propose a race, contact Carole at leonesgc@gmail.com

Just Curious?  If you want to ride on the track but don’t want to race, we have “Track Tryout” for $5 (cost of the insurance). You can ride the track before and between races (helmet required).

Cost:   Costs for 2018 are (per rider):

  • $30…Regular;
  • $20…Students;
  • $10…Juniors (under age 16);
  • $5…to just ride on the track between races (cost of insurance)
  • $6…Parking: Pay for parking at the kiosk, as you enter the park.

There are no concessions at the park. Plan to bring your own food and water.  

Print out the 2018 Fun Day Entry Form and bring it with you to the track!  2018 Entry Form

Fill out the required Track Waiver forms at the velodrome, or print them out and bring them to the track!  2018 Velodrome Waiver forms

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You’ll receive a race number for each bike you will be riding (no extra charge for more than one bike).    This race number must be placed on your bike so that the officials can see it from the infield. You will be asked to move your number if the officials can’t see it while you are riding. 

If at all possible race numbers must be placed at the rear of the bike.  Except for Track Try-out stickers, we don’t permit numbers on helmets.  Lap counters will be looking at the bike, not the rider, for scoring purposes.

The numbers are stick-on (easily removable).  There will also be materials (cardboard, zip ties, etc.) for you to use to secure your race number. 

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Track Rules:

  • 2017 ResultsHelmets must be worn while riding.
  • You must be signed up and have your number (or “T” for track try-out) before you can warm-up on the track.

Our track mantra is “if slow, keep low”; i.e., slower bikes keep to the lower side of the track. Faster bikes can only pass on the RIGHT (above) the slower bikes. This is a safety issue since passing a slower bike on the inside forces that bike into the path of faster bikes. Repeat violations will cause you to be flagged off the track immediately.


2017 Results:  2017 Results



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