2017 HPV Fun Day

Saturday, May 6, 2017


Where: San Jose Velodrome at Hellyer Park.  Map

When: Arrive about Noon. Registration ends at 1 p.m.  Racing begins about 1:30 pm (sooner if we get more help setting up, and even sooner if you pre-register).  Racing ends at 5 pm.

The racing is fast, but the emphasis is on fun!
Newcomers are welcome.

 Sign the Waiver Online  

Request 2017 Fun Day Entry Form by e-mailing:  leonesgc@gmail.com  

Download Two 2017 Waiver Forms: County-of-Santa-Clara-and-Hellyer-Velodrome-Waiver


  • 200 meters (all categories) – one run per person/bike combination.
  • Juniors Race(under age 16) – 3 laps.
  • Newcomers Race – 4 laps – Open to people who haven’t entered a Fun Day race before.
  • 15 laps or Miss and Out Race- Two heats based on 200 meter times.
  • 65 to Dead Race – 4 laps.
  • 1/2 hour Race (all categories)

You can also suggest other fun races.

Other: If you want to ride but don’t want to race, we have “Track Tryout” for $5 (cost of the insurance). You can ride the track before and between races (helmet required).

Cost:  Costs are increased for 2017 because the velodrome is now charging $100 per hour, plus $100 for the Track Supervisor.  Costs for 2017 are (per rider):

  • $30…Regular;
  • $20…Students;
  • $10…Juniors (under age 16);
  • $5…to just ride on the track between races (cost of insurance)
  • $6…Parking: Pay for parking at the kiosk, as you enter the park.


  • Unfaired
  • Partially-Faired (front fairing OR tail fairing)
  • GT (front AND rear fairings)
  • Fully Faired

There are no concessions at the park. Plan to bring your own food, water and shade.

* * * * * *


You will be assigned a race number that must be placed on your bike so that the officials can see it from the infield.  If it cannot be seen, it cannot be scored.  Race numbers must be placed at the rear of the bike with few exceptions.  You will be asked to move your number if the officials can’t see it while you are riding.  This is important because if the officials can’t see your number they can’t record your finish.  There are materials (cardboard, zip ties, etc.) for you to use in number placement.  We also don’t permit numbers on helmets, because lap counters are looking at the bikes, not the riders.

* * * * * * *

Track Rules:

Helmets must be worn while riding.

You must be signed up and have your number (or “T” for track try-out) before you can warm-up on the track.

Recumbents and upright road bikes can race in any race; Upright track bikes (with no brakes) can be ridden in the 200 meter event only. NO MOUNTAIN BIKES will be allowed on the track.

Our track mantra is “if slow, keep low”; i.e., slower bikes keep to the lower side of the track. Faster bikes can only pass on the RIGHT (above) the slower bikes. This is a safety issue since passing a slower bike on the inside forces that bike up the track into the path of faster bikes. Repeat violations will cause you to be flagged off the track immediately.

* * * * * * *

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Date set for 2018 HPV Fun Day

The date for this year’s HPV Fun Day will be Saturday, May 5, 2018.   Entries close at 10:30 and racing starts at 11 a.m and ends at 4 p.m.   More details to come.

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2013 Results

List Of Racers - 2013 2013 Fun Day 200 Meters by Class

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2013 Photos

P1000385 P1000383 P1000397 P1000403 P6012249 P6012248 P6012247 P1000408_3 P1000405_3 P6012251 P6012252 P6012253 P6012254 P6012264 P6012261 P6012256 P6012255  P6012280 P6012294 P6012303 P6012354 P6012352 P6012330 P6012362 P6012372 P6012413 P6012409 P6012407 P6012405 P6012418 P6012421 P6012432 P6012442 P6012438 P6012435 P6012443 P6012446 P6012448 P6012455P6012382x600

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